The Influence of Music on International Sports

How does it feel when a man plays the same music over and over again, if they get a good hit or a shot and they supervise on playing it for the rest of their lives just because it works for them and the opposite happens if it doesn’t work out at all. A sport is absolutely necessary for every human being to stay fit but in today’s scenario everything has become so commercial that people have actually forgotten the ethics and basic spirit of any sport thereby scaring and killing the strength behind it.

To be really precise, music is not just a rhythm or sound but it is our daily piece of motivation, which helps us in our day-to-day lives. If a person is musically influenced, when playing a sport the individual can not only forget the sportsmanship values of the game but also can be directed towards initiating a war against his opponent which can hypothetically be the result of the music the person listens.


When joggers jog in a park, they generally prefer to be in a state of music, which in their perspective helps them perform better. In a way making music their healthy energy, which not only stimulates their body’s vital process but also their course of action.

When we go into the history of music taking sports into consideration research states that the different kind of music can bring variation in a performers mood and can bring moody situations by producing a certain emotional response while listening to a song. A performer listening to a high beat/tempo would be more likely to produce fast and aggressive movements and a performer listening to low beat/tempo sound would be more likely to perform in a calm and defensive manner.

Waka Waka

Sports and music are so interlinked that both of them complement each other. Some of the instances can be taken from songs like Ping-Pong by a Dutch artist Armin Van Buuren where the sounds have been straightforwardly created with the help of one of the most known retro games, Table Tennis or  “Waka-Waka for Africa” by a Spanish musician Shakira which was created for the excitement and legacy of the Fifa World Cup 2010 globally. The results of this can be conceived very well when people start promoting and creating campaigns for these tournaments at different places.

Therefore I can conclude that by creating the awareness of the fact that our minds should be synchronized with the situation happening all around us with different melodies and tunes, which might drive us towards our goals with deeper serenity and lead the world towards peace with brotherhood.

Music and Rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul. – Plato (Author)
For me, music and life are all about style. – Miles Davis (Author)



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