The most humorous angle of table tennis

Sports have different styles, attitudes and feelings, which could be exposed only by the passionate players. Sometimes we have seen emotions and rarely few humorous situations. But all the matches are not going to be humorous and makes entire crowd roaring with laughter. So here is a chance for you to experience the most humorous table tennis match in table tennis history.

Of course, it is ridiculous and entertaining too…

This match is between, Jean-Michel of Belgium, against Chuang Chih-yuan. The match was started well as a routine match and after sometime it was quite impressive and there shots let the guard down and leaves the floor fun. Around five minutes in video, their own shots were making fun of themselves, with slow motion acts. Shockingly, along with their humorous play, both of their shots were high speed and pushed the audience to the edge of the seat.

Later, at one moment Saive and Chuang rolled the table around. And they stuffed the whole match as like a humorous drama.

However, have a look into the video and enjoy the crazy table tennis.


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