The Need for Physical Fitness

Just as your mind requires books to stay sharp, your body needs exercise to stay physically fit. The importance of a strenuous and an efficient workout can never be highlighted enough, for to retain fitness is of paramount importance. One can never heartedly pursue any objectives or tasks without having sound mental and physical fitness. Fitness not just includes having a well groomed body but rather the overall development of physical and mental attributes. It also nourishes an individual to be more than just a simple person with a simplistic outlook on the world, it unlocks a person’s insight to greater and more innovative thought process with a passion to get things going; to pragmatically act rather than just think. A person who keeps fit is not only a vibrant person to be around with but becomes a more active and a responsible component to the society.

Newton’s first law of motion dictates that a body stays in a particular state; motion or at rest, until and unless an external force acts upon it. Exertion is something that naturally we come to shun and dislike, and the best state we feel comfortable with is in a state of rest, however, this particular outlook is to be avoided for “idle hands are always the devil’s play things” and always one prefers to submit rather than pursue, and why not, it is a far more relaxing endeavour, but the devil here is in the detail for it is not the fact that one acquits themselves of something but rather the spawn of a terrible habit which will wreak havoc in times to come, for this is a development of a particular attitude which will gradually be embedded in a person’s character. To workout is just like any other habit, agreed it is not an easy one to build but it’s just an acquired taste, with momentous rewards in the end. However, one has to be willing to put faith and no small amount of perseverance in it, for nothing ever worth doing is ever easy. In short the mental willingness of a person is at the absolute core of it and if one knows how to take charge of one’s mind, he/she can surpass any obstacle they may face.

“A person who possesses physical fitness is the richest man in the world” or women, money one can spend and earn just by sitting upon an armchair in an office but that can never account to an experience one has in the outside world, and to be capable of scaling a mountain or swimming in a pond or sailing the seas. People earn so to be able to do these things but all is for naught if one finds themselves not physically fit, incapable of experiencing new and exciting enterprises which require physical fitness, even sports for that matter, one can be under confident in partaking for the lack of one’s trust in his/her abilities which sometimes can be mandatory for participation.

Conclusively, the world is out there, and it is in our own hands if we wish to seize the moment and venture to experience it.

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