Things a person should know before making sports a career

Choosing a career in sport could be tough. Studies too are not easy. In order to become a sportsperson, one must take the decision of playing a particular sport. We live in a society where parents stress more on education than sports. In our society, it is a norm that education is a safe and conventional route to pursue our career. Thus persons who want to further their career in sports need the inner edge, discipline and training to succeed. The best way to develop sport as a career is to find an activity of interest and start to pursue excellence in that area.

We have got plenty of sports in India with people eyeing majority on Cricket, Football, Hockey, badminton, tennis, etc. However, there are many other games are volleyball, basketball, softball, archery, karate, etc. It is important that parents should support your goal. They are the ones who are very much worried about their child. People in our country rate IITs and IIMs more than any coaching academies. Not everyone is supposed to become a sports person but it is important to keep a few points in mind. They are: 

See your Interests and Passion
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You might play a variety of games but you are needed to ensure that you love a particular game. You should like to strengthen in that game. Whatever sort of sport you choose whether it is cricket, football, volleyball, it must bring out the passion in you. See the pros and cons, be double sure if you really want to make it a career out of it or not. Your hobbies should include playing and watching sports, especially the game that you love.

See your skills

Know your skills, it could be running, swimming, batting, etc. Make sure you go for the practice session to train with a coach on daily basis. It is the only way to develop your game skills. For example, if you want to play tennis, make sure you provide the best serve. Be dedicated, use an extra bit of time to improve your game and go to another level. The legend of Indian cricket Mahendra Singh Dhoni used to be a goalkeeper during his school time. Noticed for his keeping ability by his sports coach, He went on to represent India as wicket-keeper and succeeded in cricket.


Be Focused


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You should play a game that inspires you the most. If it does not inspire then you tend to lose your dedication and start to avoid training sessions. It is very important to focus on yourself as every day is an opportunity to learn. You should not focus much on the fear of failure. Your mind and heart should be in the game. If you are currently a student then make sure you provide a specific time for the game you love. Sports require you to be disciplined, take proper diet and never give up.

Develop a goal          

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As a sportsperson, you should see the future prospects of things. They should know what they can achieve in the coming years. Goals cannot be developed in a single day. It will take time as you gain information about that particular game. Once you have set the goal, it will set you in a particular direction in your life. For example, an athlete is able to see if their aim is to achieve the goal of winning an Olympic medal, World Cup or a particular title or recognition. For many, it could just be representing their country on the national level.

See the Possibility

Indian tennis stars.

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See the goals and targets that you set are actually possible for you or not. You must be aware of the present and future possibility. See the practical side of things, your mental and physical barriers. For example, the badminton star Pullela Gopichand was initially interested in cricket but later moved to Badminton after the suggestion from his family member. He achieved success in Badminton as a player and is currently India’s Chief National badminton coach. He runs a Badminton Academy after his name.

You also need to see your back support and your financial freedom. A player opting for football knows the possibility of playing in the Indian Super League and the representing India in international football.

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