Tips a volleyball player must keep in mind

While sitting at the television watching your favorite volleyball player smashing and hitting the ball like a pro, you developed your interest in this amazing sport of Volleyball. The object of this game is to beat your opponents to a pre-determined points. It is a loved sport around the globe idolized by the youth of our country. You can play this sport anywhere whether it be a beach, court or on a sand.

Tips you need to keep in mind before going to play Volleyball are:-

1.   Study your opponent

It is obvious for any opponent to study your competition. Make a smart move by observing your opponent- his play, his tricks. This gives you the opportunity to learn about their maneuvers and anticipate every move they have used against you. Also, you will get to beat him and excel the play. Setters work hard to be very deceptive, so it is necessary to keep your weight evenly balanced and on your toes so it will be easy for you to travel in any direction quickly. Now, just follow the clues to get an idea of where the setter is going.

2.   Stay focused

If you miss one chance, you will end up ruining other chances. Not only studying your opponent will work but staying focused and concentrating on where and what shot he is going to put is the main point of this game. The main role you need to perform is to be tune in with your ball and get everything else off that comes your way.

3.   Keep your hands up

Your ready blocking position is standing up with your knees slightly bent, your weight on your toes and your hands up above your head. To be a good setter, you need to concentrate on the ball that in which direction the ball is coming and then smash it off. Take an educated guess of looking at the shot and take your position wisely.

4.   Get to the target

The second ball is always of setters. Aim to hit the ball by forming a solid platform with your forearm and pushing the ball try to follow through your armswing. Also, for a perfect shot you just have to shot the ball in front of your serving shoulder.