Top 10 most underrated nutritious food stuffs

Today, most of our life style has changed and accordingly our food ideas have also changed. Nowadays, all those foods that were considered as “Super foods” are not really good for health. Same time the fancy names push you to pay more. So, here are some naturally available underrated foods that may you not notice in your kitchen.

  1. Mushroom

The naturally available mushrooms are mostly used as a neutral food by the American’s, but it has been used as a Chinese medicine for thousands of years. From the fact it reveals that mushrooms holds high health benefits and low calorie sponges to keep your body health.


  1. Hard cheese

Really, I am talking about cheese. Not exactly the “American Cheese” that may not contain milk due to processing. Then, what hard cheese means? It is the most significant sources of K2 vitamin, and some nutrient that are found to protect cancer and heart disease. Unhappy to know, that cheese has a lot of calories same as meat. So be careful when you eat.

ahrd cheese

  1. Coffee

You may be wondering, is coffee really healthy?

Yes, obviously for many of us, coffee might be the first drink we taste in the morning. In reality the sources of polyphenol and anti-oxidants are found in coffee. Also it has been proved to act against liver related disease and diabetics. Only sad thing is, sometimes it disturbs your sleep.


  1. Beans

Beans may be the favorite thing for many of us, and also an essential food in some countries. Add beans in your regular foodies, because it ultimately helps to gain carbohydrates and energy. Eventually your weight loss becomes easier through beans. And always rinse it in water, before use.


  1. Egg yolks

The eggs are a perfect food that provides the high efficient proteins and nutrients. Specifically the yolk contains various vitamins such as vitamin D, A B12. And, be careful before choosing eggs whether it is from happy organic birds.

egg yolk


  1. Organ meats

Many peoples often avoids the darken varieties from meats, for the reason of high fat content and squash appearance. Of course they have fats. But at the same time the liver and kidneys parts has rich amount of essential nutrients. So you can make delicious, if you prepare properly.

organ meat

  1. Oysters

To the fact, oysters are one the most nutritious food, and it has high essential of vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids. And, these nutrients are not easy to get from regular foods. Some compounds are identified to add potential boosting immunity and possibility of protecting tumor diseases are possible.


  1. Garlic

Garlics are cheaply available thing, which can be used in foods and medicines. The garlics has power to act against infections, which includes bacterial, fungal and viral diseases. Also helps to clear mucus from nose and sinus problems.


  1. Rooted vegetables

The rooted vegetables are most delicious and high protein food items, where lots of unappreciated sources of minerals and vitamins are found in rooted vegetables and that regulates your body health and fitness to the good level.

 rooted vegetables1

  1. Honey

Honey is not only used for its sweetness. But also it has antibiotic properties and softens the membranes of your lungs and throats. An irritating severe cough could be resolved by a hot honey with lemon drink. So choose a darker honey for your better relief.




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