Top 5 Funny moments in games

Top level sport is such a taxing thing. Careers often threaten to end solely due to the pressures involved at competing all the time with such high intensity. But there are some moments which really show to the world that it is all just a game after all. Humorous happenings, especially amidst some high intensity encounters, brings smiles to everyone’s faces and keeps things light headed. Here are five such happenings across various sports in various times



Way back before Jadeja got the nickname “Sir”, he was set in his way of proving to the world that he was not just any other bowler who took his life too seriously by bowling a peach of a delivery to Johnathan Trott. It was the middle of an intense test series with the Englishmen beating India in India and here was Jadeja nonchalantly bowling his dead ball. Perhaps, “Sirji” was playing a different level of a mindgame that mere mortals like us struggle to comprehend. Trott was having none of it though as he majestically thumped the ball to the boundary and Jadeja got the dubious honour of bowling the worst ever ball in test cricket history.



Being Lebron James must be hard. When so many people want to bring you down, it could get a bit heated at times. This amazing cauldron produced one of the more funny incidents of sledging between James and Kevin Garnett. In this heated tie between Celtics and Heat, the match was going against Garnett’s Celtics. James chose this particular moment to go “yeah yeah yeah” in a monotone till the referee intervened to stop things getting heated. Garnett is known for his aggressiveness but even he might have seen the funny side of things watching the footage over again. It must have probably pleased him that he got LeBron riled up enough to act in the way he did.


Chess was not always a game played in an enclosed playing hall with no intruders to disturb the players. This sport is a pretty stressful one as it is purely a mindgame. It is thus no surprise that Garry Kasparov got utterly and amusingly dumbfounded by this gentleman who just passed by to look at the board. In his game against GM-Nigel Short, Kasparov was in a slightly worse position and was understandably a bit easily flustered but the reaction was absolutely hilarious. He almost seemed to say “What?!! What?!! How is he allowed to do that ?!”



Steffi Graf’s beauty undoubtedly matched her incredible tennis skills. The German was in the middle of an absorbing encounter when “Will you marry me Steffi” was echoed by a member from the crowd. Not really irritated to be disturbed in the middle of a match, an amused Graf coolly responded “How much money do you have?”. This is one of the funniest moments in the hostile fortress of top level tennis and Graf certainly deserves credit for reacting the way she did and putting a smile on everyone’s faces.



This iconic moment in English football history happened during the last Barclays Premier League season. Having beaten Manchester City and put his boyhood club Liverpool within touching distance of their first title in 25 years, Steven Gerrard, emotional, cheeks puffing up with passion yelled “Listen, this does not f**king slip now. We go to Norwich, exactly the same. This does not f**king slip!”. And guess what? The sporting Gods were all ears. Two weeks later, in a titanic encounter with Chelsea, a devastating (and funny at the same time) turn of events occurred which saw Gerrard literally slip on the turf to hand the ball to Demba Ba who put Chelsea a goal to the good. Liverpool never recovered, lost their most crucial tie in their recent past and consequently, the title erm..slipped..from their grasp. This has to be the funniest and most devastating moment in all of sports history due to the sheer amount of irony involved.



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