Weight loss through 5 nutrient rich soups

Now you can lose weight with just a bowl of soup!

If you want to lose weight only thing that pops your mind is to skip meal and have salad. What if all the extracts of salad come in a small package bowl?

For making soup you just have to throw a few ingredients into a slow cooker and after few time just see how it works and then enjoy a delicious meal. It is a secret potion with number of health benefits. You need to include more vegetables and less salt and fats to have a tip-top meal.

Some soups listed below contribute to reduce body weight:-

  1. Crock Black-eyed pea soup

This black-eyed pea soup is rich in dietary fibers resulting in improvement of digestive system. This high protein black eyed pea loaded with folic acid add flavor to this easy dish. This soup can lower your blood pressure and help you balance it. Also, it freshens your skin and eyes. Do not limit yourself to carrots when it comes to Vitamin-A as black-eyed peas is rich in vitamins.

2. Minestrone

Minestrone pesto soup is a mixture of well balanced vegetables basically high fiber vegetables- cabbage, broth and a variety of vegetables, especially green. Actually you can lose weight with this soup but the weight you lose at first is water weight but it is the start of your diet weight loss plan.

3. Hot and Sour Cabbage Soup

The good fact about Hot and Sour Cabbage soup is that it is mostly water. This soup typically has abundant sodium and magnesium nutrient which help to fill your stomach and hence, avoids soluble fats to enter your body.

4. Homemade beef barley soup

A low-calorie and low-fat source of vitamin beef barley soup is the most beneficial soup for constructive body. Beef barley grain is used for food, lifestock feed, and beer and whisky production. This is a warm and comforting soup beneficial for all.

5. Split pea soup

Split pea soup is one of the heroes of health-food world having deep stock of fiber, B-vitamins and other vital nutrients. The package of vegetables in this soup creates a thick, creamy broth inside the body that could warm even the most frigid soul on a long winter day.