I went for the first class of yoga…

Yoga is something that has been changing lives of people since its origin.

When I went for my first class at yoga, the first day was amazing and full of life.

Other than my low back hurting and keeping me up at night I was healthy.

I went to my fist Yoga class in 1999 at the urging of my sister who felt it would really help my back pain. It did…..and much more!

To be honest, I hated yoga at first. I found it was too slow and boring! I wanted so badly to leave in Shavasana but couldn’t bring myself to be that rude to the teacher or the other students who seemed to bliss out. How could they just lie there and do nothing for 8-10 min?

I knew that as soon as my back was better I was never coming back. Meanwhile it was helping to reduce my pain and enabling me to sleep at night so I stuck with it and something slowly began to shift.

I had a huge ah ha! I realized that I was guided to yoga for something far greater then my back pain. I began to be very curious as to what Yoga was all about. I knew that I was getting a very small taste of this practice and its teachings.

About 6 months after I began classes I took my first workshop with a very highly respected teacher of Yoga here in this country. The teachings were far ahead of anything I had been exposed to so far, yet my interest was piqued. That’s when the real shift began happening.

I decided to go through her teacher training and for the next 6 months I was deep in the studies of Yoga. From there came a few retreats, more classes, books and other teachers.

When I say it changed my life – I really mean it changed my life and his is how:

  1. It completely quieted my rudeness.I am still motivated and an achiever but I have found a healthy balance with that part of me.
  2. For the first time in my life I began to truly believe in myself.My confidence and self worth grew daily. ( I struggled my whole life with low self esteem.)
  3. As I began to find my worth I also began to take a deep hard look at my lifeand to find what fed my soul, what was truly important to me and it wasn’t wealth, a huge home or belonging to private clubs.
  4. I gained the confidence to step out of a marriage that was unhealthy for me to remain. Although one of the scariest things I’ve had to do there was a deep knowing within me that I was going to be fine. My life would be different than I imagined but I would be ok.
  5. Yoga has helped me to find my purpose in life. To inspire and empower others!
  6. I have a deep trust of life that I never had before.

So I guess by now you have figured out that I am speaking to the greater teachings of Yoga – not just the asanas we spend hours doing in class.

If someone had told me 15 years ago that I would be teaching yoga classes and workshops and working as a health and wellness coach I would have looked at them like they are crazy!

Yet here I am and happier than I have ever been. I am blessed to do what I love each and every day and to create a positive impact in this world.

Every day, I feel so fulfilled and excited to enjoy and share these teachings. It’s no longer about my back pain – although it is still really helping! Now, Yoga for me is truly a lifestyle.