Why is a Football fan most suitable person for a Job

Have you ever been on the firing line of your boss for sneaking out to watch a match or peeking at the score line during a meeting? Worry not! And show him this piece of article that explains about how fit you are for the job. Here I explain why a football fan is the most eligible candidate for a job.


They remain loyal:

Yes, footy fans always remain loyal and how do I vouch for that?

Have you ever seen a real hardcore football fan ever switch sides just because their side has lost a championship? No! Right?. Have you ever seen him making bad comments about his favorite club or player? That’s why I say they are the most loyal of the lot. No matter what happens they simply remain loyal and support the club from the bottom of the heart. They will go to any extent in an argument to prove that no one speaks ill about their club.

The same attitude will stay with them forever and you can expect the same at the work place too. So, next time when you want to find out who has cheated in your team, exclude the footy because they will remain loyal no matter what.



They never doze during night shift:

Thanks to the schedule of Barclays Premier League and La Liga, the football fans are used to staying awake well past midnight to catch their favorites in action that they get too used to it. So next time you assign a night shift to a guy who loves football, worry not as he will stay awake all through the shift.

But a small word of caution: Don’t put him on night shift when his club is in action. Because he will be so into the match that he will be hardly able to concentrate on work.male-night-shift-employee-with-headache


They know how to sell:

Having immense experience in converting non-footy into their club fans, they are experts in making people believe in their words. Their experience and expertise in this field is so immense that you can cut on your training cost that would be required to teach young work force about this. Moreover they know exactly what to tell and what to hide.mindblowing-photo-manipulations-34


Promotion of product is easier:

All football devotees have huge network with whom they discuss everything. Once you take vow as a fan of a club you are sworn into a large community who considers you as their fellow citizen. The network spans all across the globe from the next door guy to someone in Nebraska. So ask them to promote your product and you can be sure that it would reach corners of the world in no time.

In this May 11, 2014 photo, soccer fans take a selfie during the Brazilian league soccer match between Fluminense and Flamengo, at the Maracana stadium, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Ecstatic football fans unable to celebrate a World Cup win with real-time Tweets, or post “selfies” of themselves from inside stadiums. Or worse, emergency calls blocked by jammed cellphone towers unable to handle the volume. Those are among the fears as hundreds of thousands of mobile phone-wielding fans get ready to attend soccer’s premier event in Brazil: The World Cup. (AP Photo/Hassan Ammar)


They hardly have any distraction:

True, being a football fan comes at a cost. They hardly land up on a date with a girl as they are busy networking their way through the millions. Their swanky style of dressing always involves something with football., say a jersey of their club, a swanky boot or a hair cut which surely cuts them off the good books of girls. So they hardly have any distractions. They don’t follow much of other sport and since football action takes place mostly at night, they hardly bunk their office hours.improving-your-concentration

I hope you are convinced that they make the best among the work force. So next time before you shout at them for checking out the score, think well. They know what they are doing.