Why should you play Futsal?


When sportspersons were busy achieving laurels in the sport of football, a not so new game of futsal came into light which gave diversification in the game of sports being slightly different from Football.

The sport of futsal is gradually taking its place in every corner of the world making it different from the other existing sports. But this sport still has miles to reach.

There are five players including goalkeeper which is played within boundaries, so it is easy to understand the sport for anyone who doesn’t know the abc of this sport. Unlike soccer, this sport allows you to touch the ball a number of times and is super fun and economical.

You can never get bored of such an interesting stuff!

Feature of this sport are:-

  1. Fun: Players enjoy this new fast skill oriented game which is a perfect way to challenge their skills. This sport provides variations so that one can never get bored of playing this.
  2. Ball control: In this indoor sport, the spotlight is encouraged mainly on control and technique. With limited space, boundary lines and constant opponent pressure, ball is controlled.
  3. Cost effective: Generally people feel that playing indoor costs a lot but as compared to other sports, Futsal being a superior activity provides skill and technical development which is quite reasonable.
  4. Knowledge: With confined boundaries, four court players and all the basic credentials of an outdoor sport, the understanding of the game is enhanced.

According to a FIFA report, “an average 40-minute futsal game, a player will touch the ball roughly every 29 seconds, or 80 touches.” So, this rewarding sport allows you a number of chances so that you can prove yourself and learn from your flaws. If you are willing to try a new sport then Futsal is the one you should go for.



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