Yoga in College: Beat the stress

Do you find it hard to focus in class? Does your hostel life let you take some time out to do some Yoga? Do you think your college life prevents you from performing some yoga and meditation? Okay, so you have a 10 hours college and then you are tired to involve yourself in some fitness activity. WeIt is indeed advisable to have yoga facilities in college because of its countless benefits for college studentsll, go back a few years down the memory line, didn’t you enjoy the physical activity classes in school? I’m sure all of us just awaited for it to run out of our classes. You think it will be a good idea to have a yoga facility in your college too? Well, you are not wrong. .

All of us are somewhat aware of the benefits of yoga and how it helps us be more aware of our emotional, mental and physical health. Having a fit body and mind improves concentration and each one of us today are in need of it. From helping you manage your stress to making you’re a physically fit personality before you set out to your work life, yoga can help you in multiple ways.


Here are some ways yoga classes can be beneficial to your college life and how making yoga a part of college life can be fun too:

  • Yoga is excellent for stress management – Today when all of us are busy chasing our dreams, we are under constant burden and stress to make it happen. From a fresher to a fifth year senior swamped under immense pressure of job and graduation, yoga can help you all clear mind,relax your body and prepare yourself to deal with everyday college activities.  There is trend that shows students turn to alcohol and smoking when they find it hard to cop up, which is fine in moderation, but not great for stress management as they have several side effects. But yoga is healthier and more effective method for stress management to having to a cool and successful college life.
  • Yoga gives you community –All of us have become tech-buffs. The irony today is, people are connected through social media platforms, but disconnected from the people right next to them. Campus are filled with students going around using their headphones and smartphones to shield themselves from any unnecessary human interaction. But then there are some loners too who look for people to set a conversation. Having a yoga facility in college means it will give students an opportunity to have social interactions. So, why be all day in the virtual world, go make friends, share your experience make your college days memorable through a collective and communal activity that yoga gives.


  • Uniting the mind and physical bodyYoga combines breathing exercise, meditation, and physical positions helping you build your focus. Studies by scholar and thought leaders shows that yoga can lower heart rate, reduce back pain, relieve several psychological conditions, furthering helping you improve physical fitness and flexibility. So a fit mind and a flexible body, who doesn’t want it! Yoga makes you a better student.
  • Revitalization – Higher energy levels replace your tiredness. After a long day at college, taking part in a yoga class will help you freshen up and gives you a positive mental attitude. And this in turn will help you strike a balance your college life and personal life.

Some colleges in the country, have yoga classes led by certified instructors already. For those who are planning for one, hurry up.

And colleges make yoga free! Yoga requires no great infrastructure. Students can have a morning yoga session in the ground or in the lobby of their college. Just an instructor, and it can be a faculty of your college or a student expert at it, to help starters get the right posture and timing. A yoga mat is recommended! Yoga requires no expensive shoes, no gear, or tools. Yoga is simple and focuses on your body alone to gain strength and you can practice yoga at your own convenience.

So whenever you feel stressed, exhausted and unable to focus, go and spend some time doing some yoga! It sure will help you. And if you follow a routine of practicing yoga every morning or whenever you have time, nothing can be better than that, stress and weakness will fear approaching you.


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