Yoga in Sports

Yoga is defined as “Checking the impulses of mind” – Pitanjali. Yoga means to join or unite the individual self with the universal self. It refers to the unity of mind, body and spirit.


It is essential for us to perform yoga every day. It is the ultimate state of silence. The benefits of yoga could be defined as follows:

  • Physical purity
  • Reduces mental tension
  • Cure and prevention of diseases
  • Provides relaxation
  • Beautifies the body

Yoga has its roots in India and is one of the greatest contributions to the world by the Indian civilization. Our ancient saints used yoga as a means to explore not only the exterior world but also to the interior world and ultimately achieve the knowledge and wisdom of our Upanishads, Vedas, and Shashtras. History tells that different periods of Indian past help in tracing out the origin of yoga. Yoga is an Indian heritage.

One of the best ways of improving health, fitness and wellness is through yoga. The prolonged and continuous practice of yoga leads the sportsmen to a sense of peace and relief. It caters to the needs and aspirations of every individual according to one’s physical capacity and condition.

  1. Helps to feels relaxed; a regular practice of yoga before or after sports makes one feel relaxed and at ease. One can overcome fatigue through yoga.
  2. Quick recovery after injury: any injured part of your body could remain its strength in a very short interval of time.
  3. Stimulates emotional attitudes: yoga helps in gaining absolute control over your emotions. It helps in increasing the level of your patience, which results in an optimistic attitude towards life.
  4. Improve flexibility: all the restricted parts of your body can be corrected with the help of yoga and increases your body movement.
  5. Removes stress and tension: regular practice of yoga will help in uniting in your body, soul, mind and heat and hence is helpful in removing stress.
  6. Increases your will power and self-confidence; yoga helps in gaining excellent control over your mind and concentration is increased, helping in the building of confidence.
  7. Prevention from diseases: practicing of yoga makes you free from disease like high blood pressure, cold, cough and asthma.

Yoga is an apt training for the mind and he body that helps the sports persons to become agile, strong and focused. This helps to attain health and vitality.

One basic and important and essential part of yoga includes meditation. It is a continuous and progressive state of Dharanaa. When the concentration reaches a state where only the awareness of its meaning remains and even the personal identity is lost, it leads to meditation. It is a state of super consciousness and when the mind unites with the god. This state is attained through a long practice of years. By continuing this practice, a person can be able to integrate his breath, bod, senses, min and ego. The person becomes free from all the attractive parts of life.

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